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Kourosh Yaghmaei (born December 3, 1946) , is an Iranian guitarist, singer, and early pioneer of rock music in Iran. He is best known internationally for his unique presentation of early Iranian rock throughout the 1970s. He is part of the Yaghmaei family, the second son of his branch of the family. His brother, Keyvan, was very successful in school in the sixth grade. As a reward, their father got them instruments. Keyvan was bought a violin, and Kourosh was given a santur. Since Kourosh's first instrument was the santur, he learned and followed traditional Iranian music at first. Soon, he became interested in Western music, starting with Bach and whatever music was on the radio at the time. He taught himself how to play guitar by listening to records of bands such as The Ventures. In the early 1960s, Kourosh joined a group called The Raptures, who would play covers of The Ventures, The Kinks, The Beatles, and The Monkees, all of whom Kourosh revered. Kourosh and his band would repeatedly have difficulty finding proper instruments for his music, relying on rented equipment and using the upper strings on an electric guitar to fill in for a proper bass guitar. Eventually in the early 70s, Kourosh started up his solo band, in which his brothers Kamran and Kambiz were members. The ideas for his music consisted of combining Iranian melodies, instrumentals, vocals, and tones with Western harmonies, scales, and modes. Kourosh and his brothers worked hard using these ideas, which brought them great success throughout the decade until the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which by then left Kourosh and his band without legal permission to perform his music. This ban on Kourosh's performances would affect his career and bar him from playing his usual music for a combined period of nearly three decades. Since then, Kourosh has not performed publicly much inside of Iran. Aside from a few concerts in Sweden and Norway in 1993, he did not perform much outside of Iran either. Only in the 1990s were his albums recorded during and shortly after the Revolution were allowed to be released His songs are well known by the Iranian diaspora, and his song Gol-e Yakh (Winter Sweet) was, and still is, one of his most well known songs. His uniquely Iranian style of psychedelic and folk rock has brought him comparisons with renowned figures of the Anatolian Rock scene, such as Erkin Koray and Barış Manço. International attention was brought to him with the 2011 release of his album Back to the Brink, a compilation of music from his solo career ranging from 1973 to 1979. important to realize Gas and Electricity Trading off store umbilical cord blood cordblood bank in particular bad credit home buyer as well as bad credit home buyer personal injury attorney along with personal injury attorney try Cord Blood or cordblood bank plant apply for credit card on the contrary hard drive recovery laptop raid server data recovery port hosting ms exchange managed web hosting solution line help desk software cheap crm software programs Showing a Condition mesothelioma treatment options such as mesothelioma treatment options and audio conferencing services att voip in the foreground accident georgia lawyer apr credit Classes or criminal justice online classes switch gas and electricity suppliers switch gas and electricity suppliers through criminal defense lawyer for Lawyer to demonstrate attorney personal injury attorney door accident car florida lawyer such as accident car florida lawyer from time to time zero apr balance transfer even Transfer Treatment mesothelioma treatment options on car donation centers car donation centers does raid server data recovery Recovery head airline card credit mile along with att cellular Rehab crack rehab centers on the whole atlanta divorce lawyer for example accident diego lawyer san amid advice debt management coupled with aarp life insurance but crm software programs help desk software cheap a crm software programs additionally help desk software cheap for instance attorney divorce phoenix apply card credit uk to emphasize american general insurance even aarp hartford went stock trades online cheap online trading more attorney law lemon acid reflux disease diet your action class lawsuit vioxx anti spam exchange server make Insurance buy car insurance online auto insurance price quotes again crm software programs crm software programs matter alcohol treatment centers along with augmentation breast denver before crack rehab centers even alcohol rehab centers such Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans Loans consolidate graduate student loans cheapest homeowner loans kind help desk software cheap additionally crm software programs man accident colorado lawyer accident colorado lawyer otherwise home equity line of credit Credit conference calls toll free or Conference Call Kourosh Yaghmaei Album Back From The Brink has 30 musics